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MAD4kids: Ramapo High School

MAD4Kids Ramapo focuses on helping kids around the world with malnutrition and education.  The club sells Two Degrees Food (www.twodegreesfood.com) and with each bar purchased a meal is donated to a hungry child.  The club supports UN Girl Up (www.girlup.org) and its mission to educate girls around the world by organizing an annual Art & More fundraising event. 
MAD4kids: Eisenhower Middle School

MAD4Kids Eisenhower raises awareness and funds for child soldiers and education by supporting Invisible Children (www.invisiblechildren.com) and UN Girl Up (www.girlup.org)


MAD4Kids which stands for Making A Difference for Kids was launched at Eisenhower Middle School and Ramapo High School in the fall of 2011.  The after school student clubs were established to build on the success of the June 2011 Girls Night Up Art & Crafts Show held at Eisenhower.

Girls Night Up Art & Craft Show was created by then Eisenhower eighth graders Abby, Alexa, Kaela, Kelly and Valerie as part of an innovative community service project assignment in Lori Ebanetti's Wyckoff Extended Learning class.  When Alexa's sister Nina said that young artists in Wyckoff did not have as many opportunities to showcase their talents like their athletic peers, the girls decided to create an art contest and show for students attending Wyckoff's four elementary schools (Coolidge, Lincoln, Sicomac and Washington) and middle school (Eisenhower).  To help attract people to the art show, the girls recruited vendors.  Given the girls' desire to also help others less fortunate than them, they decided that funds raised would go to the United Nation's Girl Up Campaign (www.girlup.org) which enables American girls to help other girls around the world.  The smashing success of Girls Night Up which raise $2000 attracted the attention of the United Nations Foundation and Abby, Alexa, Kaela, Kelly, Valerie and their instrumental team of Nina,  Sophie, Samantha and Emma received an invitation to the White House!

Recognizing that they had lots of ideas to make Girls Night Up better including broadening the event's appeal to boys, Alexa recruited her brother Grant and his friends.  Grant's friend Josh, coined MAD4Kids.

On April 26, 2012 MAD4Kids clubs at Eisenhower and Ramapo followed up Girls Night Up with ART & More to raise awareness and funds for UN Girl Up, Invisible Children and Two Degrees.  With girls shopping and boys shooting lacrosse shots, they raised over $3500 and sold enough Two Degrees bars to donate meals to more than 100 children.  What started as a class project for five girls has evolved to become after school clubs with more than three dozen club members. 

We hope more kids will join our efforts or start their own MAD4Kids chapters at their schools.  We believe young people can do a lot to make a difference for kids!

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO-P_zU0x_o  title "Short Student Film for UN Girl Up Campaign"

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